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Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Good Hart These Days Is Hard To Find

I've just discovered a fantastic singer, believe me. And as is usually the case, it was while I was looking elsewhere for another.
I was on Anouk's site and one or two of her followers were going a bundle on this particular young lady.
Her name is Beth Hart - there is a weblink on the right of the screen.
Apparently she has a DVD (European version) on release as from Friday 13th May 2005, but I've just done a quick Google and there is no sign of it on HMV or MVC's websites.
So while I'm waiting for this DVD to appear I shall have to content myself with what Yahoo music have left us for our perusal.
I've absolutely hammered 'World Without You' and 'L.A. Song' over these past few days - go and check her out, she's tremendous.
Trust me.