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Friday, January 25, 2013

Uncool Radio is Music to My Ears

Radio was an absolute delight to listen to when the pirate ships (Caroline, RNI, London etc) were churning out popular music of all descriptions to meet the needs of  a young audience who had the pocket money to spend in their local music shops.
In an effort to aid the government in its process of rendering these beauties of the airwaves silent, the BBC created BBC Radio 1 , 2 and Local Radio. Individual commercial radio stations did their bit  initially  and high street music emporia remained busy until people started to get greedy.
Commercial radio stations began to merge and playlists began to lack variety. Similar things are now happening with BBC Local Radio, BBC National radio seldom plays new music by independant musicians. The end product is a tired audience.
The sad state of affairs at the only remaining High Street music store , HMV, bears testimony to this end product.
But just when you're thinking that the music industry is on that slippery slope down to oblivion, a new day is about to dawn ..... in the form of Roger Day