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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You won't get Wind with Earth and Fire...

...but they will start repeating on you!
When I was over in the Netherlands recently I popped into a music store for a couple of souvenirs. I have got a few gaps in my music collection to fill in !
Back in the early 70s there was a Dutch pirate radio station which many of you may recall that went by the name of Radio Noordzee International. There was one particular group that they played a lot of at that time who were called Earth and Fire - no, not the other lot with the Wind ! And there was one song of theirs that I've been dying to get hold of ever since - and it still sounds brilliant, it is entitled MEMORIES.....and in 1972 it reached No.1 in the Radio Noordzee Top 50.

As for the album that I picked up - well, it was one of those 'Ultimate Collections'. First thoughts on playing it were , apart from Memories and Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight, yuk !, My musical tastes had certainly changed a bit since the early-mid 70s. Then I played it again, all the way through from start to finish. All of a sudden I was 18 again ! Their music is pirate ship through and through. I just cannot let this album go. Jerney Kaagman, the lucious lead singer, has got this wonderful voice and the backing band are brilliant.
Earth & Fire - I love 'em ! They don't need wind to blow you away. They are mooi (pronounced: 'mo ya' , meaning: beautiful). Dank u wel.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No good beating about the Bush - buy your own!

Just realised ! Kate Bush's new album was released earlier this week. As it has just turned 8:35PM and Sainsbury's are still open, I think I'll just nip out and get a copy..........
Apart from the opening track, King of the Mountain, an Elvis tribute, I'd not heard anything at all from this double album, Aerial.
I didn't particularly warm to this album at first. But not to worry, because the same can be said for all the other Kate albums (apart from the Whole Story). First thoughts were what the hell is this all about - songs about washing machines and singing along with blackbirds & wood pigeons !
Maybe it's because Kate is so intellectual that you have to think your way into her albums. After a couple of hearings this album starts eating into you and when the songs start to stick you suddenly realise that you've got another classic on your hands.
I'll say no more except....go and get your own !