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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Eleanor's Alone Tour isn't spent in solitude

Bury Met
Friday 7th October 2011

The Bury Met chooses its artistes carefully. So I doubt that there was little hesitation in giving an affirmative answer when Eleanor McEvoy expressed a wish to play then venue.
Six months earlier Eleanor marked her Met debut when she shared the bill with Dave Rotheray. However, there were one or two empty seats on that occasion.
So if you couple this observation with not the greatest amount of local airplay, then there is no logical reason other than word of mouth and The Met's recognition of a quality musician which brought about a near sell-out for her headlining at the same venue.

(first middle bit to come)

I didn't take note of the setlist but every song , as per usual, knocked me out. Highlights included You'll Hear Better Songs (Than This) from her Early Hours album. The album version is fantastic as of right , but the stripped down live version spotlights the lyrics and it melts the coldest of hearts. There wasn't a dry eye in house when Sophie (Snapshots) was delivered on piano and the mortgage payer , Only A Woman's Heart got the audience singing the chorus.

(second middle bit to come)

Bury Met was one of the last points of call on the Alone tour, so if you didn't manage to catch Eleanor this time round then I strongly advise that you grab a copy of this album - if you like hearing her performing live, then this album is a must have!