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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Caroline has a vivid Imagination

I mentioned in the preceding post that I couldn’t find anything to match the quality of the Moloney after Midnight show on RTE 2FM. Well I have encountered the odd one or two since it's sad departure from the airwaves.

It would be wrong not to mention my rediscovery of Radio Caroline and Rob Leighton’s Imagination Show on Thursday evenings 9pm-midnight, where he plays “Music To Nourish Your Soul”

He's introduced me to some excellent bands on this show - Fula, Final Conflict and Karnataka to name but a few. But as well as quality, underplayed bands he’ll play Eleanor McEvoy, Juliet Turner and Melanie Safka. So it would be wrong to say that it’s all prog rock.
Essentially he simply plays inspirational music, the other week he played a track form the Genesis album, Selling England By The Pound.

So if you hunger for musical inspiration then, drop in on Rob Leighton, Thursday Nights at 9pm on Radio Caroline. There you can also find out how to get hold of Caroline on Sky Digital and on Worldspace radio as well as the internet.

And don't just stop there. Radio Caroline has been with us now for over 40 years.......the legend lives on.

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