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Monday, March 01, 2010

My idol called ME a Legend !

Picture by Brian Greene

Amidst this cluster of Celine Carroll tributes I would like to thank a very special person. His name is Mike Moloney. He had a show on Ireland's RTE 2FM called Moloney After Midnight. He knew all about quality music, and he conveyed that knowledge to the listener in such a way that made them want to be a fan of just about everything he played. There was no script to be read from , nor did it appear that he was given a playlist to stick to.
Because of his detemination to support the independant musician he had established a cult following which stuck by him for around 15 years.
If I had to select an example of a musician who would be likely to say thanks to Mike , it would be David Gray. Of course . over 15 yrs , there are hundreds more who owe him a bit more than a thank you.
Sadly , for reasons best known to themselves , RTE 2FM parted company from Mike. I, for one, was bitterly disappointed to see him go.
That man was responsible for about half of my CD collection.
Thanks to Google, I managed to find Mike over at Sligo & Donegal's Ocean FM. One Sunday evening he played Apologise by Celine Carroll. I followed it up , got myself the album and a best pal , and when Mike showed up at the same Celine gig as me, I was absolutley gobsmacked when he greeted me and called me a legend ..... talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
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