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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Binding Qualities Of Porridge Ties Up The Rs

From hereon, October 4th should be remembered as National Porridge Day. The Rs refer of course to Ronnie Remembered and the Rebel Reverend Ridley.
Ronnie 'Fletch' Barker, former inmate of Slade prison joins the ranks of the dearly departed today. I won't attempt to water down the list of tributes by adding my personal thoughts. Instead, I'll just echo them all and say that his memory will live on in the laughter that he gave to millions.
As for the Rebel Reverend, he is a hero. He was released from prison today after doing porridge for not paying the increase in Council Tax. Politicians of whatever party you represent should hang their heads in shame over this travesty of justice. Reverend Ridley was stitched up by the state from all angles. It cost the taxpayer a damn site more money than what he owed to try him and put him in prison. You give him and the rest of the pensioners a pittance in one hand and rip their arms off by hiking up the Council Tax.
Ronnie Barker wrote some brilliant comedy scripts in his lifetime, but I doubt that he could have ever dreamt up an episode like Reverend Ridley's case.