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Friday, September 30, 2005

Talking my way out of Corrners

There will be reviews a plenty in the coming weeks about The Corrs' new album, so I'll leave the track by track analysis aspect to the experts. I will single out just one track a bit later on just because I've simply fallen in love with it.

One thing I want to point out is the album's potential effect that it just might have on the powers that be at these UKTop40FM radio stations.

The Corrs, love them or loathe them, are one of the superpowers of the music world. It's their name that can sell their music nowadays.

For me, there has been 3 recent album releases which have had me waiting outside the shop on the day of release, namely U2, Coldplay and The Corrs. I knew well beforehand roughly what to expect from U2 & Coldplay. But all I knew about The Corrs album that it was going to be a bit "trad arr". I loaded the CD into the player as I got into the car and I was almost in tears after Heart Like A Wheel, the next track was one of two Gaelic songs. At this point I was thinking - go on, let's see half a dozen singles come off this album.

And what's more, let's see it open the floodgates for the release of some really brilliant music which is coming out of (or should I say being kept in) Ireland at the moment.

I've only scratched the surface in my Shed - and my message to the Top40FM stations, the distributors, music stores, agents etc is - just go out an have a look that little bit further than Robbie, Britney, Eminem and the Sugababes.

Now for the song that I just fell in love with :- It's track 11, Brid Og Ni Mhaille. I can count on one hand the Gaelic words that I know other than Caed Mille Failte (bet I spelt that one wrong) And I really want to know a few more, just so that I can sing along to this one in the confines of my car.
The vocals are beautiful and the BBC Concert Orchestra melts into the song and gives it warmth and depth. But the real tingler is when Sharon plays the violin, the instrument of the heart. It only lasts for a couple of bars but it's enough to take me from pure enjoyment to that state which dictionaries can't find words for.