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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chester's Request Fest ?......Impressed !

Listen Live With effect from 11th September at 7pm Sunday Night Sanity returned to the airwaves of North West England & North East Wales. Not only was a Request show returned but also the presenter who made such a show an institution in these parts, namely, Gavin Matthews. But thanks to Dee106.3's Listen Live facility you don't need to be local to take part. So if you're fed up to the back teeth with Top40FM or LimitedChoiceGoldAM, then put the world to rights on this show. Unlike some request shows, musical output is totally controlled by listener. The opening week's show featured Manfred Mann, Limahl & Daniel Powter,so that blows "80s, 90s & Now" out of the water. And when Gavin has mastered how to activate the CD player, then be prepared for an even greater choice of brilliant music.

Tune in to Dee 106.3 for radio as it should be !

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