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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two Cs and a Dee - That's a first !

Go to Chester's Dee106.3 homepage Celine Carroll (Two Cs) got played for the first time on UK radio on Sunday 18th September, just after 8:30pm, on Chester's Dee 106.3
The song was 'Apologise', which was written ,sung and produced by Celine. She also played piano. This song also features the excellent Maire Breatnach (Moya Brannock) on violin - and to use a quote by the guy who played it (Gavin Matthews) - It is "Complete and utter quality".
There are a couple of ways to get 'Apologise' heard again. 1) Buy the album from whence it came - 'Itch' , or 2) Ask Gavin to play it again.
Both methods require emails
1) Email and ask about buying 'Itch'
2) Email and Listen Live on Dee106.3 , Sunday Evenings from 7pm